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Transforming Lives, One Daughter at a Time

Embracing Every Woman as a Sister

All women deserve to live happily in God’s light and guidance. At Daughter of Destiny Outreach Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, we open our arms to women who need help in facing challenges such as unemployment, lack of food,  housing, community, and inner healing.

We started our organization in July 2015 and incorporated in September 2015. If you’re interested in learning more about us and our services, browse our website or contact us today.

Who We Are 

Daughter of Destiny Outreach Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that was founded with the mission to provide supportive service to homeless women who's lives have been impacted by substance abuse, trauma, domestic violence, and/or mental illness.

Our goal is to empower, and educate, women on how to break mental barriers and be set free from negative strongholds. 

What We Do 

Daughter of Destiny Outreach Inc. helps broken, wounded women work towards transforming their lives by providing inner awareness, and multiple pathways to wholeness; through recovery coaching, support groups Workshops, and spiritual retreats.

We also offer various indirect services through our partnership with referrals. Members of the community can acquire services as job readiness, connections to income, GED/adult literacy, and housing placement/referral.

How We Can Help 

Daughter of Destiny Outreach Inc. will establish a safe environment that allows for transparency, trust, and transformation. 

Our support groups meet once a week. We do an intake/assessment to determine the goal planning for each participant. Also, we meet with our participants every 3 months to evaluate progress. 


Sandra Mckoy, President/Founder/CEO

Sandra was given a mission by God: to set the captives free. She has compassion for wounded women which she developed from her own experiences and education. Also, she has an outstanding love for God and His daughters.

This outreach began out of unspeakable hurt, pain, and abuse. It was the power of God that liberated this vessel. Ms. Mckoy’s desire is to pour into the hearts and lives of women what God has poured into her. She will accomplish this mission through supportive services and God's grace.

Our Mission

 Daughter of Destiny Outreach Inc is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.  Our mission is to instill hope and promote change through education, mentorship, and recovery coaching; to ensure long-term sobriety and wholeness.

Our Vision

We wish to see women healed, delivered, and transformed.

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