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Setting the Captives Free

Serving From the Heart

Grasp the heart of our mission by becoming a sponsor or supporting our advocacy in your own way. At Daughter of Destiny Outreach Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, we help support wounded women so they can be restored back to wholeness. You can lend a helping hand and change lives through our organization.

Our Services

1:1 sessions, group processing, Recovery Coaching, Mentorship, Case-management, Spiritual Support, Basic life skills, Parenting classes, and Home economics. and workshops.

Become a Daughter of Destiny Outreach Inc. Supporter 

You can support our work on a monthly or one-time basis.

Startup Kit: $20

  • Includes 1 Care Package for 1 Woman

Outreach: $30

  • Provides 1 Woman With a 7-Day Business Card for Seeking Employment

Support Group: $75

  • Includes Supplies and Refreshments for 10 Women or One Workshop for 15 Women

Community: $200

  • Provides Five Women With Transportation, a Care Package, and 1 Weekly Support Group on Healing and Restoration

Feeding Program: $500

  • Prepares Hot Meals to Feed the Less Fortunate Members of the Community
  • Provides Toiletry Bags and Other Necessary Resources

Our Gallery 

Join our outreach programs and see how your contribution can make a difference. You can check out photos of our
organization and activities here.

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